Our Story

The Bash Bros started at Miami University with a small group of offensive lineman Tommy Doyle, Danny Godlevske and Zach Swarts.  The name, The Bash Bros was coined by our teammates after a legendary party. At a Bash Bro Party doors were knocked down, bottles were thrown, and friendships were forged all in the name of Bash. Our style of play bashing in the trenches of the football field, and the heightened energy we brought to parties was where the brand was born.   In our youthful endeavors, we pushed our bodies to the limit to win and for the love of playing the game of football. We lived through many hard lessons and gained wisdom through facing adversity. Adversity came in the form of heartbreaking injuries, grueling workouts, and all the other rigors that came with being a Division 1 Student-Athlete. Paying these physical, mental, and emotional tolls day after day led the brand to fortify, adapt, and evolve.  As life went on, we have realized that life will continuously bring you adversity, challenges, and change.   The Bash Bro spirit is all about handling these ups and downs with grace and grit.  Attacking everyday with a resilient and positive mindset.  And ultimately knowing how to have a good time along the way.  Life is complex and full of ups and downs. The Bash Bro who loves the journey over reaching the destination will always go farther.   

What journey are you on?

What are you battling?

What’s holding you back?

What more can you do?

We encourage you to adopt the Bash Bros mentality and join the team. The time to start bashing is now.